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Couple sue water firm of Montanos

IN Bohol , getting back at an unjust employer is a rarity. Well, until somebody gets fired. Exactly the same day the Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board opened the discussions for another P75 - P95 increase over and above the P200 daily wage for Central Visayas , two purified water employees shouted unfair labor practices. But only after getting the boot. Full story

Another daylight rob, this time, in Loay brgy

IT was all over in a few minutes. Another daring daylight highway robbery left a lending collector without his P16T collections. The incident also added another entry into the piling list of unsolved robberies happening in Bohol highways. Full story

Canadians to help set up tourist info system here

The TIS is a specific type of information system that consists of all information channels like provincial promotion message, provincial tourist sites and activities, travel information centers, individual business promotions, and community's visual image used in business or community to promote itself as a tourism attraction. Full story

Pacatang slay suspect tagged in Lila robbery

BARELY a week after a police suspect tagged a former inmate at the Bohol Detention and Rehabilitation Center (BDRC) as real suspect in the Nelson Pacatang murder, the same name popped up again. This time, witnesses have positively identified Ian Bautista as one of the two suspects who robbed and hogtied residents of a house in Lila. ---- Full story

P75 - P95 wage increase Too much for employers

GIVING P75 or P95 across the board wage increase in Bohol may be too much. As far as businessmen employers here are concerned, strictly implementing the June 16, 2005 wage order and probably an increase in the daily wage of P1 to P30 is good enough. Full story

Gov. approves P2M for SME common packaging facility
The common facility will help small and medium entrepreneurs in packaging their product to make it competitive not only in the country but in the worldwide arena. This will eventually result not only to the progress of SMEs but is expected to contribute to the over-all growth of the local economy through job and income generation. Full story
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