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Mayor softens position

In what was seen as a softening of position, Mayor Doloriech Dumaluan of Panglao appeared to have changed his mind given his hardline posture on the planned international airport in his town. Full story

Dumaluan resort expansion spurs more controversies

A resort expansion project owned by Mayor Doloreich Dumaluan has generated even more controversy following allegations that it has committed more violations. It will be recalled that the three-storey structure had come under fire after it was alleged to have been constructed without the required environmental compliance certificate (ECC), barangay clearance and the approval of the Panglao Island Tourism Estate Review Committee. While the resort had obtained a building permit, there is no record that the municipal engineer required the management to submit an architectural plan. Full story

GMA: honored to realize Garcia's dream for Bohol

PRESIDENT Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA) says she feels privileged to have realized the dreams of a Boholano and former President Carlos P. Garcia, this as she inaugurated a section of the 84.24 kilometer Calape – Tagbilaran - Valencia roads, Monday June 5. Full story

Dr. Po defends GCGMH over alleged lousy job

At the expense of a government hospital reputation, coordinators' press release stated more than a thousand patients benefiting the cataract surgeries. Apparently red as a beet and couldn't sleep over last week's bannered headline (not by the Post) that said “ Manila docs irked on lousy service,” Dr. Nenita Po defended her embattled hospital doctors and went ballistic over the allegations. Full story

Now, any Choco Hills tour package is never complete without the Clarin ancestral house

Declared as a heritage landmark by the National Historical Institute, the Clarin Ancestral House is now part of the Bohol tour package that includes a trip to the Loboc River Cruize. Bilar Man-Made Forest and the Chocolate Hills in Carmen. Full story

Sevilla native proud winner of BQ mall's shop, dream & win 2006 grand prize, a Suzuki APV family wagon
Eusebio Varquez, from Sevilla, won the brand new Suzuki APV family wagon, in the “BQ mall's shop, dream & win 2006” mid-year raffle draw held last June 4, at the level 4, Carpark of BQ mall. The winning stub no. 3569300 won for him the Suzuki APV family wagon (tax free). Full story
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