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Eight Carmen officials axed

BARELY warming his regained seat after a preventive suspension for graft allegations, Carmen Mayor Pedro Budiongan Jr. may have yet another worry coming. But, this time, he is not alone in his predicament. On orders of the Sandiganbayan, Mayor Budiongan will be joined by at least seven elected and appointed officials in serving the suspension. Full story

Dumaluan to face more sanctions

Panglao Mayor Doloreich Dumaluan faces the possibility of another penalty in the event that he disregards the cease and desist order (CDO) imposed by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). Full story

PTA to fund Metro Tagbilaran landfill

THE Philippine Tourism Authority (PTA) has committed to fund the proposed construction of a sanitary landfill in Alburquerque town for the use of Metro Tagbilaran. In a letter to Gov. Erico Aumentado, General Manager and Chief Executive Officer Robert Dean Barbers said PTA has approved the allocation of the necessary funds for the proposed project. Full story

Military recover fire-arms kept at legal front members' homes
The fire arms were taken from safe-houses and houses of legal fronts leaders otherwise running the insurgents' propaganda war, local party-list leaders and organizers and rebels who refused to flee Bohol , military sources said. Full story

GSIS to open up Bohol-wide pension distribution centers

COMING out apologetic over the recent stir caused by the agency's “budget reprogramming,” that resulted in mail-snag of Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) checks, authorities here promised they would do better next time. And doing better means opening up Pension Distribution Centers (PDC) in key areas across the province to decongest the Tagbilaran field office. Full story

46 exhibitors sign up for Agri-Fair, more coming
FORTY six exhibitors for the 2006 agri-fair adds to the festive mood of the Sandugo, while some are still coming on July 20. This year's agri fair, bearing “Mabungahong Bol-anong Paningkakay” is located at the City Hall grounds and the premises of Agricultural Promotion Center and Provincial Agriculture Office. Full story
Nothing concrete on jatropha bio-fuel yet
ln Bohol , it was learned that both the Provincial Government through its poverty reduction management office and the Philippine Coconut Authority has been into brisk arrangements with local organizations and residents for jatropha production in Bohol 's idle farmlands. Full story
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