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Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth

ULAP, LPP vs. Senate:

Bohol Gov. and ULAP President Erico Aumentado who also heads the League of Provinces of the Philippines (LPP) said both organizations have agreed to junk such senators regardless of party affiliation. ULAP is the umbrella organization of all 11 local government unit (LGU) leagues. “These are not pork barrel funds! If the senators scrap them, we will retaliate by similarly scrapping them from our list of 2007 senatoriables even if we belong to the same political party!” Aumentado vowed. Full story

Resort owner chastises Dumaluan for boat law

PUSHED to the edge again, Panglao Mayor Doloriech Dumaluan is on a damn-if-you-do and damn-if-you-don't situation. The two options for him? To permanently ban dive and whale watching boats at the Alona stretch or to play deaf until every beach tourism activity in Alona shifts to another stretch of Panglao. Either way, the mayor is making enemies. While the second option would be ideal for his family-owned and managed Dumaluan Beach , resort owners, including Alona Palm Beach resort's Marcel Brunner and the Alona Beach Community (ABC) Foundation would, without doubt, be after his throat. Full story

Heritage protectors question Escuela de Niños restoration

The “restoration” of the majestic heritage structure of the Escuela, then a library and now eyed to house the Bohol Museum has become an irritating move as “restorers” and construction workers are not technically familiar with the restoration, noted a heritage expert who refused to be named. Full story

PAPI condemns radioman's slay

The Publishers Association of the Philippines, Inc. (PAPI) yesterday condemned the killing of hard-hitting radio broadcaster Fernando E. Batul and called on police authorities to “stop the wanton killing of journalists.” Full story

Only 2 Bohol drugstores grant 20% senior citizen privileges

IN Bohol , only two drugstores are granting the legislated 20% discount as privileges to senior citizens, according to Porferio Ligason, a retiree from Bool District here. Ligason and several other senior citizens converged at the Jjs Seafoods Village where the House Committee on Population and Family Relations conducted its Bohol sortie for a hearing on the implementation of the Expanded Senior Citizen's Act of 2004. Full story

Try Albur's Butterfly Garden , for a change
You don't have to be a nature lover or a certified collector to appreciate and be thrilled with Albur's Butterfly Garden. Considered the latest addition to the array of attractions in the Albur Tourist Center , The Butterfly Garden, is a real sanctuary that breeds, raises and eventually releases butterflies into the wilds. Complimenting this attraction is a bird sanctuary and an animal habitat for flying lemures.Full story
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