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Only 1% vs. Panglao airport

Only 1% was braved enough to register its opposition to the Panglao International Airport with a whooping 99% saying yes to the same project. Translated into the lowest terms, this means that Boholanos in the first district stood as one behind the planned airport in Panglao. Full story

Road network plan okayed

The mayor said that one of the problems that many growing cities in the country experience in the lack of a comprehensive road network that results in massive traffic jams. “The failure to put up a comprehensive road network that considers the development directions of the city will cause traffic problems that will affect future generations,” Lim said. He cited as an example the traffic problems not only in downtown Tagbilaran but also along J. A. Clarin street. Full story

Sandugo 2006: street dancing for ‘most participated record'

“TRANSCENDING Boundaries” indeed marks this year's 40 groups as approximated by this year's streetdancing committee to field in a spectacle in this year's Sandugo Street Dancing Festival. This will be Bohol Sandugo's record in its 18-years of organizing the celebration: the most number of participants to dance in the main thoroughfares in Tagbilaran City. Full story

Desecration tramples into historic Dapitan Kingdom

Mansasa and the banks along Tagbilaran City Strait , history records would say used to be the site of an important community that was once tagged by the Spaniards as the “Venice del Oriente”. Then referred to as Dapitan Kingdom , the city of linear design can be accessed by boats sailing through its waterways like Venice , was an important trading center. Archaeological diggings along it could prove that the place could have allowed the anchoring of western and Asian merchants here, decades before the Spaniards officially set foot in Bohol. Full story

ARCDP2 here gets high WBank rating

SATISFACTORY was a rating the recent World Bank Mission gave as a team visited here last week to monitor projects funded under the Second Agrarian Reform Communities Development Project (ARCDP2). The projects are implemented through the provincial office of the Department of Agrarian Reform. “We are very satisfied” says Teresa Quiñones, head of the World Bank Mission during the ARCDP2 Exit Conference held at the Meridian Hotel, this city. Full story

LEDAC prioritizes tourism bill – EMC
THE Legislative – Executive Development Advisory Council (LEDAC) meeting in Malacañang has led to the inclusion of the Tourism Policy Act as among the top seven priority bills due for Congressional consideration. Cong. Edgar M. Chatto, House tourism committee chair said this, after emerging from the meeting presided by Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and attended by senior members of the Senate and the House, cabinet officials and leaders of local government leagues. Full story
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