2 Heads of state here Tuesday

The first bilateral talks between two sovereign nations outside Metro Manila will be held on Tuesday in Bohol. High on top of Tuesday's agenda in the bilateral talks between the Philippines and New Zealand are the strengthening of trade relations and environmental concerns. Venue of the bilateral talks slated March 14 and 15 is the Bohol Beach Club (BBC) in the resort town of Panglao. Full story

Plot thickens in NBI-Army assault case

The plot thickened in what appeared to be a simple assault case between agents of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and a Philippine Army team in barangay Ambuan, Catigbian town last month. Full story

New Zealand PM see Pamilacan Whale hunters' transformation

New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Elizabeth Clark see for herself the transformation of Bohol 's whale hunters. Former traditional fierce and fearless whale hunters now opt to become whale keepers, all in the name of conservation and conviction that sustaining the environment is doing their little share for the world. Full story

UNESCO team evaluates “ Bohol as Heritage Site”

.ANY chances for Bohol to be declared a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) heritage site? Only the ambassadors form Brunei , Mexico , and Thailand along with three Philippine Commissioners who are here in the province can tell. Bohol 's enduring environment protection and conservation programs have caught the attention of heritage workers eager to pitch in their support for local conservation efforts. Full story

Millenium Development Goals book launched

THE experience in establishing a localized monitoring system on the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) in Bohol is now in a book. Far from being just a jumble of facts and figures arranged to qualify to be called data, Making a Difference: Localized Monitoring System on the MDG – The Bohol Experience tells the stories of what the enumerators encountered on the ground, the experiences of the local implementor and its foreign partners as well as the funders, with annexes. Full story

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