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October 12, 2014 issue
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srael today is under the impression that it is being singled out in the U.N. for a variety of issues in the political context. As an olive branch offering, Israel seeks the world body to recognize Yom Kippur as an official United Nation holiday. Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Emmanuel Nashon said, "By giving an official recognition to the most important Jewish holiday,it will be a step of reconciliation, and will make our belonging to the U.N. and our cooperation with the U.N. much easier." "We thought that it was the right moment to recognize the most important day in the Jewish calendar as being the day that belongs to the whole of humanity and not only to the Jewish people."

Yom Kippur or “Day of Atonement” Nashon describes as the Jewish people's legacy to humanity. Among the other important religions it should be recognized by the whole world. About 60 countries including United States, Europe and the European Coalition for Israel (ECI), a Christian organization support Israel's request. The main objection comes from Arab states. The 10 official holidays at the United Nations includes Christmas, Good Friday, Muslim Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, Buddhist holiday, Persian New Year, U.S. Labor Day and other world days but no Jewish holy day. The Day of Atonement or“Yom Kippur”in particular has a message that goes beyond Judaism. Judaism at the end of the day is also at the origin of Christianity.



The International Maritime Organization (IMO) celebrated its annual World maritime day with a call for effective implementation of (53) IMO conventions at the national level to ensure that "tangible benefits" emerge from the treaties that its member states adopt. United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-moon referred to the “often unheralded but always vital contribution by international shipping to people and communities all over the world."

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