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October 12, 2014 issue
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“ Finding a New You”

Mindset or paradigm is a forward thinking approach of processing change from a different perspective. It is an attitude towards openness to change and the ability to see the opportunity in change; the process of diverting one's scattered forces into a different or unusual angle – that of a powerful channel which recreate something of value. As the cliché says, “No great improvements in the lot of mankind are possible until a great change takes place in the fundamental constitution of their modes of thoughts”. The most effective and successful people in today's dynamic world are those who have already discovered the key of finding new things through creativity, and, at most alteration or modification; thus changing a major shift in the mindsets from one that keep us stuck in boxes to one that naturally searches for new innovative solutions in our quest of excellence and success.

For a person to embark on such journey, he must move beyond the natural resistance-to-change mode and move toward the highly focused, strategic, productive, empowered mindset of creative thinking. This shifting of the mindset is the unlocking of energy, creativity and vitality. Each of us sees the world from within a number of different paradigms or mindsets. However, our paradigms change, and even our once tightly held controlling perceptions can shift over time. We shift a variety of beliefs numerous times throughout our lives. Yet some paradigms are difficult to change. Many of us are locked into old practices within our comfort zones. Continual improvement and/or enhancement of oneself can only be achieved by the willingness to undergo shifts in thinking – to re-examine the mindsets and find ways out of the boxes. A shift requires that we stop doing things the way we've always done just because that's how we've always done. By then, we will be getting to the heart of positive change.

Reflection of a Transformation - a Change

Changing a culture or practice, passing through a transition is like fixing a still running gadget to be able to operate the way you anticipated to behave. Accordingly, you will face challenges and urgencies – thereby navigating a not-so-clear path, a mirage of uncertainty though confident to achieve positive results. In the book, Nurturing Human Capital on How To Transform Organizational Culture which could also be applied in an individual – it says that “the basics of change are, deceptively simple: state your dreams and convictions loud and clear, dramatize the link between your vision and the future survival and success, live the change and do it constantly”. To cultivate a culture of change, one must chart the desired destination and post signs along the way. What you want to be must be articulated based on the most important principles which are imbibed or embedded in your system; thus adopting a systematic process for change. Along the course of transformation through a shift of paradigm/mindset, a rollercoaster of unexpected outcomes of varying intensity of effects may prevail disparaging your efforts. But you must stay focused to your dreams and aspirations. Loving yourself and staying focused means taking a balanced view of life and staying in touch with your purpose. Enjoy the adventure of finding a new purpose, a new meaning and a new YOU. God bless your journey!

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