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October 7, 2012 issue

AS THEY BEAT COC FILING DEADLINE Local bets draw battle lines


With the filing of Certificates of Candidacy (COC) ending at 5:00 PM Friday, it follows that the battle lines have been drawn with candidates of different parties and persuasions slugging it out like no other for the coveted positions they are aspiring for. With the recent Supreme Court ruling that there’s no such thing as “premature campaigning”, the election circus began in earnest even before the COC filing deadline. With next year’s elections, all eyes are trained in practically all local positions up for grabs from the governor down to the lowest fight for seats of municipal and or city councilors. Of course, the more intense contest are expected in the race for Bohol governor, vice governor, three congressional districts, city mayor and some areas of concern in the towns.

Gov. Edgar Chatto, running for reelection for the first time as governor, will be challenged by Carmen Mayor Conchita Toribio de los Reyes. Known for her bulging war chest, the feisty lady mayor is hampered by a ragtag supporting cast. Except for such familiar names like City Mayor Dan Neri Lim and his wife Dr. Sharleen, Cong. Erico Aumentado and two of his board members, and re-electionist Board Member Dionisio Balite, all the rest are virtual nobodies. The names of lawyer Handel Lagunay and that of Poblacion III barangay captain Arleen Karaan may not be as forgettable as their cohorts in the party they belong but the rest of the caboodle are simply “never mind”. It was not explained by its standard bearer, Mayor Che, why her group had a hard time assembling a formidable group considering the vaunted logistical support from her multi-million Beauche International, a direct selling company engaged in the sale of beauty products whose network of branches is scattered worldwide.

Belonging to the party of V-President Jejomar Binay, the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), Mayor Che’s candidacy suffered a setback in the third congressional derby when it has no bet it can call its own. The third district congressional combat is waged between incumbent Cong. Arthur Yap and Loboc Mayor Leon Calipusan as the challenger. But when left with no other option, the Carmen mayor’s group may opt to seek shelter from the candidacy of Cong. Yap, who is seeking re-election. Earlier, the group of Mayor Che groomed Dr. Elpedio Jala as its congressional bet, but for reasons only known to the lady mayor and her handlers, the former division superintendent, found his way in the warm embrace of the camp of Gov. Chatto. Dr. Jala, it turned out, completed the four-man slot for board members in the third district. The first district elections for congressman is another match to watch with keen interest. Incumbent lawmaker Rene Relampagos is pitted against City Mayor Lim, in a fight that sees two bitter political enemies fighting it out for first district congressional supremacy.

The second district congressional contest is no picnic either for re-electionist solon Aumentado. He will tangle with perennial rival in Trinidad Mayor Roberto Cajes, a former three-term congressman. The incumbent legislator won hands down in the 2010 polls against Cajes’ wife, Judith, but this time, the coming congressional tiff may be a different ball game for the incumbent. The city mayoralty polls is another exciting fight to the finish with the three formidable bets clashing for the prestigious title of city mayor. The Liberal Party fielded lawyer Augustinus Gonzaga but two of his opponents City Councilor John Geesnell “Baba” Yap and Dr. Abe Lim are no pushovers as they have their own wherewithal to bank on. Survey leader Yap, although running under an unknown party, has the edge as shown in the latest survey by a credible polling body like the HNU Research Center. Dr. Abe is another stalwart for city mayor who has the name to support his bid. He is the elder brother of the incumbent city mayor.


A total of 1,132 aspirants have filed their certificates of candidacy (COCs) for a total of 497 elective posts, including three congressional seats, in the province in the electoral exercise on May 13, 2013, an official list of provincial Commission on Elections (Comelec) office showed. Up for grabs are posts 386 councilors; 48 mayors; 48 vice-mayors for 47 towns and this city; one each for governor and vice-governor; 10 provincial board members and three congressional seats in as many district. The same record showed that there are four candidates for governor (although the focus is on the front runners like Chatto and Mayor Che) and three for vice-governors; 23 for provincial board member; and six for congressman in three districts. Running for councilor are 881 hopefuls, 107 for vice-mayor; and 108 for mayors, including this city, the same record showed. At least three bets for municipal mayor and three vice-mayors are unopposed. Alicia town Mayor Marnilou Ayuban and his Vice-Mayor may have to wait for the victory toast come May next year and so with Lila Mayor Gina Salazar and Sikatuna Mayor Jose Ellorimo since they have no opponents to square off. Nobody dares to contest Vice-Mayor Simeon Leo Jadulco of Antequera and Vice-Mayor Antonino Jumawid of Batuan in next year’s elections.


Meanwhile, LP Bohol has completed its line-up after it filed their COCs Friday even as the UNA and independents also did the same earlier for the 12 slots --- for governor, vice-governor and 10 provincial board members. Gov. Chatto led his camp in trooping to the provincial Comelec office in filing their COCs with certificates of nomination and acceptance (CONA) Friday morning following a press con at Jjs Seafood restaurant and the holy mass at the K of C Church here. Chatto filed his COC for reelection under the ruling LP banner. The other bets after the Carmen mayor are actor-comedian Roberto Reyes a.k.a. “Amay Bisaya” of Tubigon town under the KBL and an independent Wenceslao Garcia of Bien-Unido. Chatto’s runningmate is incumbent Vice-Gov. Concepcion Lim. Her contenders include Dr. Sharleen Lim, the UNA bet and retired AFP officer and former board member Joseph Sevilla as an independent. LP’s line-up include incumbents lawyers Abel Damalerio, Benjie Arcamo and Dr. Cesar Tomas Lopez for board members (first district ); incumbent Romulo Cepedoza and newcomers incumbent Inabanga councilor Jovanna “Jaja” Cheng Jumamoy and retired policeman Bernardo Avenido, Jr. (2 nd dist); and incumbent board member Godofreda Tirol and Brigido Imboy, former board member Josil Trabajo and Dr. Jala (3 rd district).

UNA’s bets led by Carmen Mayor Che, who was proclaimed by no less Vice-President Binay last week, filed her COC for governor on October 2, 2012 during her birthday. With Lagunay and Karaan as candidate for board member in the first district is Pedro Pontiveros Torralba.  In the second district, the candidates are incumbent Board Member Engr. Gerry Garcia who is seeking reelection along with former board members Tomas Abapo, Jr. and Ma. Fe Camacho-Lejos (2 nd district). A certain Antidio Batingal Chatto along with two others who are said to be barangay captains of Carmen composed the UNA slate for board members in the third district. Completing the party’s candidate in the district is re-electionist Dionisio Balite, a lawyer. Other wannabes for board member include: Cirilo Masillones Esperanza, LP-independent in 1 st district; Alejandro Ajoc Lomod and Alfredo Mosqueda Evalaroza, (independent) in 2 nd district; and Reynaldo Maslog Polinar (independent), and Santos Amaga Abella (independent) in 3 rd district.

718,324 VOTERS IN 2010

The Comelec bared that the number of voters in 2013 elections is expected to swell after the registration that ends on October 31, 2012 by about 5% from the present 718,324 registered in 2010 election. This means that an estimated 35,000 will likely be added to the voters in next year’s election. Based on the official voters list in 2010 elections, a total of 718,324 voter had been registered in 4,718 precinsts compressed into 2,473 clustered precincts with the use of PCS machines in entire province. This figure represents more than 50% of the total population of more than 1.2 million Boholanos. The 3 rd district has the biggest number of voters with 255,987 based in 2010 elections. This is higher than the 243,427 figure posted in 2007. The district has a total of 1,737 clustered into 493 precincts in 19 towns namely: --- Loay, Loboc, Bilar, Batuan, Carmen, Sierra-bullones, Pilar, Alicia, Mabini, Candijay, Anda, Guindulman, Duero, Jagna, Garcia-Hernandez, Valencia, Dimiao, Sevilla and Lila.

The second district came in next with a total of 238,684 voters in the same priod, higher than 230,957 in 2007 election. It has a total of 1,476 turned into 411 clustered precincts. It’s composed of 14 municipalities ---- Pres. Carlos P. Garcia, Ubay, Trinidad, Bien-Unido, San Miguel, Dagohoy, Danao, Sagbayan, Clarin, Inabanga, Buenavista, Getfae, San isidro ug Talibon. The first district is the lowest, with a total of 238,029 voters in 2010. It registered with a total of 222,087 in 2007  with 1,507 precincts clustered into 422 precincts. The towns that comprised the district are: Alburquerque, Balcayon, Panglao, Dauis, Corella, Sikatuna, Cortes, Balilihan, Catigbian, Maribojoc, Loon, Calape ug Tubigon and Tagbilaran City.


The complete list of candidates for governor, vice governor, congressman, mayors and vice mayors are as follows:

Provincial level – Gov. Edgar Chatto; Vice Gov. Concepcion Lim; Congressmen: (First District) Rep. Rene Relampagos, (Second District) Roberto Cajes, (Third District) Leon Calipusan; Board Members: (First District) Cesar Tomas Lopez, Abeleon Damalerio, Venzencio Arcamo, (Second District) Romulo Cepedoza, Jovanna Jumamoy, Bernardo Avenido, Jr., (Third District) Godofreda Tirol, Brigido Imboy, Elpidio Jala and Josil Trabajo Mayors and Vice mayors – First District (Tagbilaran City) Augustinus Gonzaga, Jose Antonio Veloso; (Alburquerque) Efren Tungolh, Rene Buates; (Antequera) Jose Mario Pahang, Simon Leo Jadulco; (Baclayon) Benecio Uy, Derwin Cuajao; (Balilihan) Dominisio Chatto, Marianne Domivee Chatto; (Calape) Sulpicio Yu, Jr., Nelson Yu; (Catigbian) Virgilio Lurot, Reynald Lacea; (Corella) Vito Rapal, Godofredo Ado; (Cortes) Danilo Montero, Lynn Iven Lim; (Dauis) Marietta Sumaylo, Luciano Bongalos; (Loon) Lloyd Peter Lopez, Ignacio Castil, Jr.; (Maribojoc) Jose Veloso, Alberto Arangoso; (Panglao) Benedicto Alcala, Cerino Hormachuelos; (Sikatuna) Jose Ellorimo, Jr., Julian Manigo; (Tubigon) William Jao, Virgilio Fortich

Mayors and Vice Mayors – Second District (Bien Unido) Francisco Paquito, Joselyn Villarias; (Buenavista) Alfonso Jayme del Rosario, Ermelando Torregosa; (Clarin) Allen Rey Piezas, Velden Aparicio; (Dagohoy) Rufina Frajele, Andres Ampoloquio; (Danao) Jose Cepedoza, Albert Vitor; (Getafe) Manuel Monillas, Simon Torreon; ( Inabanga) Josephine Socorro Jumamoy, Rodrigo Jumamoy; (Pres. Garcia) Tesalonica Boyboy; (Sagbayan) Ricardo Suarez, Charito Lao; (San Isidro) Qurino Samuya, Eudoxio Asoy; (San Miguel) Manuel Gara, Armando Branzuela; (Talibon) Restituto Auxtero, Marcos Aurestila; (Trinidad) Judith Cajes, Francisco Gonzales; (Ubay) Galicano Atup, Nelson Uy

Mayors and Vice Mayors – Third District (Alicia) Marnilou Ayuban, Basilio Balahay, Jr.; (Anda) Metodio Amper, Reinerio Makinano; (Batuan) Francisco Pepito, Antonino Jumawid: (Bilar) Norman Palacio, Arnold Calamba; (Candijay) Sergio Amora III, Jesse Sales; (Carmen) Manuel Molina, Isidore Ancog; (Dimiao) Danilo Guivencan, Jaime Balbon; (Duero) Conrada Amparo, Mansueto Castino; (Garcia Hernandez) Miguelito Galendez, Pio Salmasan; (Guindulman) Ma. Fe Piezas, Kristine Alexie Tutor; (Jagna) Exuperio Lloren, Bonifacio Virtudes, Jr.; (Lila) Regina Salazar, Frederick Raut; (Loay) Rosemarie Imboy, Florencio Tejano; (Loboc) Helen Alaba, Pablo Sumampong; (Mabini) Esther Tabigue, Juanito Jayoma; (Pilar) Wilfredo Bernante, Wilson Pajo; (Sevilla) Ernesita Digal, Victoriano Fernandez; (Sierra Bullones) Simplicio Maestrado, Jr., Alfredo Gamalo; (Valencia) Maria Katrina Lim, Jorge Buslon. (Ven rebo Arigo)

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