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October 7, 2012 issue

Cristal e-College bags achievement award in Manila


PJMCC Malate, Manila.-(26 September 2012). Cristal e-College is one of the 18 maritime schools throughout the Philippines receiving an achievement award from the Philippines-Japan Maritime Consultative Council tonight at the JSU-AMOSUP Center. The College has consistently placed in the Top 10 among 93 maritime schools in the country since the start of the MSAP Examination in 2007. This examination is given every year up to the present to assess the competence of maritime students in English, Mathematics, and Professional subjects in BS Marine Engineering / BS Marine Transportation.

The MSAP CATEGORY “A” honors Cristal e-College with a Plaque of Achievement as a high performing school for maritime programs. Its maritime programs have at least 75% participation and passing rates, and Mean Average Score for at least two (2) consecutive years of MSAP participation. Furthermore, the College receives also one (1) unit of desktop computer. Sometime in March 2012, three (3) representatives of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism visited Cristal e-College to conduct an audit of the BS Marine Engineering and BS Marine Transportation Programs. They assessed meticulously the following areas: (1) administration, (2) faculty & staff, (3) curriculum and instruction, and related information, (4) maritime laboratory tools, equipment, and simulators, and its (5) quality system. Mr. Akira Ikeda, Deputy Ship Officers Examiner-General MLIT; Mr. Tonoyuki Ohashi, Ship Officers Examiner MLIT; and Mr. Hideo Kimya, chief Mariner’s Education Office, Seafarers License and Education Division MLIT composed the 3rd party audit team.

Cristal e-College passed the audit as conveyed in a transmittal document signed by Mr. Masahiro Iwatsuki, Director of Seafarers License and Education Division of MLIT Tokyo, Japan on 20 June 2012. It affirms the SYSTEM OF RECOGNITION FOR MARITIME EDUCATION AND TRAINING (MET) INSTITUTION for the College. Graduates of BS Marine Engineering and BS Marine Transportation in the College starting 2012, will not take the seafarers licensing examination in Japan when they become officers of Japanese owned and manned vessels. This is an advantage that graduates of CeC have over maritime graduates of other schools. In the Philippines, there are only six (6) such schools who are recognized by MLIT and enjoy such benefits stated above.

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